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Connect with your origins, whether you do a DNA testing kit, heal a generations-old chain of pain or honor your ancestry by reviving a family recipe. Need help making your den feel more like a haven? Step away from the microwave. Abandon cart in your GrubHub app.

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Cancer season is a time to nourish ourselves, and that can be accomplished by connecting to the food we put in our bodies. No, this is not a PSA for juicing and cleansing—during Cancer season, our palates may veer more toward Parisian decadence red wine, butter and garlic sauce, truffled anything than plant-based dietary restrictions.

Might as well just do you…or should we say, fondue you. The caveat? During Cancer season, slow down and indulge mindfully—taking part in preparing a meal at least partly from scratch instead of bingeing on ready-made meals while you zone out at your desk. Up your Crab cache by inviting friends over for a DIY dinner party. Turn on some pretentious-but-fun Paris Cafe station on Pandora, pour wine and prep a meal together as you laugh, talk and bond.

Make way for the astrological Alpha female! We all have feminine energy within us, regardless of which gender you identify with.


What we could all do, is take a stand for gender equality, in ways great and small—whether you call yourself a feminist or not. Did you know that one in three girls in developing countries are married before age 18? Not only are they left uneducated and economically disempowered, complications during pregnancy are the leading cause of death for to year-old females, globally. Help girls and women gain access to education, healthcare, and economic empowerment. All human beings are creative.

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  6. Our ability to tap into that force depends on how willing we are to put our inner control freaks in the corner and allow the muse to track us down. And guess what? That requires courage, and most definitely not weakness or submissiveness.

    She is a featured artist on Giphy. Many of her GIFS have gone viral reaching over million views. Her style is heavily influenced by psychedelic cartoons, pinball, Art Nouveau, and more.

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    She has shown her work at galleries around the Globe, including Minna, San Francisco. She collaborated with couture footwear designer Terry de Havilland , her designs appeared in Italian Vogue and even caused a viral sensation appearing in The Daily Mail.

    She is a dedicated, creative maverick, with a keen eye for detail, and a color palette all her own.

    Watch this space! Expect to become the love of your own life. During this time, we are collectively experiencing a change in sleep and eating cycles, as we are examining the way we present ourselves, as well as integrating a lot of summer celestial light. What defining characteristics make you who you are?


    What makes you distinct? How can you bring more of this out? A liaison between Saturn planet of lessons and restrictions and our South Node representing old behaviour , brings us the compulsion to acknowledge our growth and resist the impulse to repeat the same mistakes. With Saturn and Pluto still retrograde, we are still perhaps having run-ins with people from our past. Remember, this season is about following bliss and allowing yourself to be playful, rather than engaging in the theatrics of the past that hold your focus on limitations. What do you want to make bigger, and more theatrical?

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    Leo reminds us that what we pay attention to, grows. Dazed media sites. Text Grace McGrade. Monthly Horoscope: August Soul Horoscopes Beauty Feature astrology.

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    Read Next. See some alluringly grotesque pictures of tongues Photo story. Is it ethical to continue buying beauty dupes in ? Think piece.

    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
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    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
    bliss magazine horoscopes Bliss magazine horoscopes
    Bliss magazine horoscopes

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