Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology

The Influence Planets Placed in Aquarius Ascendant

They are quick witted and humourous. They are good at correspondence. They are ruled by Mars and hence will have martian temperaments. They are shorttempered and rash at times. They are advised to incorporate patience and tolerance for the adversary.

Aquarius Rising Man

They are inconstant and fickle minded. They are entertaining conversationalists depending on their own intelligence. They can develop into good musicians if they take to that art. They are lovers of the fine arts.

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The Martian quality of fortitude they have in plenty. Sagittarius rising gives a warrior like approach to the problems of life. They are inclined to Philosophy and Religion. They have professional brilliance and reputation.

Aquarius Ascendant | Aquarius Rising Sign

They are wealthy and prosperous. They are quite capable of earning the good will of all. They have domineering personalities. They are orthodox and business like.

They are capable of influencing people as they are born with personal magnetism. Despite all their good qualities they are likely to be misunderstood by others. Capricorn rising gives strong will power and determination. They are philosophers in their own right. They have strong determination and purposiveness in life. They do not mind employing means that are not above board to reach their target. They can talk softly and kindly and many a man will fall into their trap. Capricornians make good sculptors. They are likely to be melancholic in temparament.

They make good actors. They may be tall with good appearance. They are highly sympathetic and generous. They generate more friendliness and compassion. They are dangerous when provoked but then they cool off easily. They can shine as authors if they so desire. They are shy when it comes to exhibiting their talents before people interested in their art. They tend to believe that Astrology is a science.

Aquarius and the Holistic Zodiac

They believe in the essential goodness of humanity. They also become a target of envy of others.

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  6. Their wealth is related to water as they are born in a watery sign. Yet this tends to be a rather worldly combination.

    Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Lagna) - Best career option according to Ascendant

    Saturn and Venus rulers of houses 1 and 9 give more spirituality or integrity. Mercury and Jupiter together rulers of 2 and 5 give good intelligence or good income. Aquarius, as a fixed and air sign, shows a consistency of belief that is often unaware of practical realities. Its planets act with mystery and ambiguity, or in a subterranean manner.

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    Aquarian concerns are usually not with the visible world but with the matters of faith and association. Aquarius Planets By Ascendant The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses. Sun: The Sun, as ruler of house 7, shows the tendency of Aquarius types to become dominated by others and to seek refuge through partnership or relationship. Moon: The Moon, as ruler of house 6, shows their strong capacity to put their minds and emotions into work and service.

    Mars: Mars, as ruler of houses 3 and 10, shows their strong energy towards authorities and institutions. Mercury: Mercury, as ruler of houses 5 and 8, shows their capacity for profound intelligence, deep and philosophical thinking and understanding the mysteries of the psyche. Jupiter: Jupiter, as ruler of houses 2 and 11, is a great planet of wealth and income. Venus: Venus, as ruler of houses 4 and 9, shows their basic sensitive and spiritual nature.

    Saturn: Saturn, as ruler of houses 1 and 12, shows the Aquarian tendency towards self negation. Overall: Venus produces Raja Yoga, particularly when combined with Mars ruler of house That in standing as an individual they are playing the role offered to them in this incarnation. Doing this with detachment allows them to fully enjoy their lives and be free from the psychological suffering that Saturn, as the lagna lord, may give. The Sun are those the Person carries the Pot to. Others serve to give the native confidence. The Sun may give important activities with groups consisting of like-minded individuals.

    Due to ruling an angle, the Sun is a temporal neutral for the Aquarius native, as a natural malefic however, the Sun may separate the native from those areas it affects due to public or personal involvement. The Moon is the lack of water in the Empty Pot, either that which is not there, or that which was given out.

    The Moon, as the 6th lord, gives the Aquarius native a weak self-image and a mind that easily succumbs to depression.

    Qualities of Aquarius Ascendant Female and Man

    Since the 6th house is an upachaya growing house , the Moon indicates that the native will develop a healthier self-image as they age, but in youth they are particularly prone to suffer from social inadequacies as a result of their poor self-image. The Moon ruling the 6th house also indicates a gentleness and humanitarian mentality that prefers peace.

    Socially, the Moon connects them to the lower classes and makes them ideal people of the masses. As the 6th lord, the Moon is a temporal malefic and may give opposition and struggles in life that results in the native feeling depressed and empty. If this is severe, it may be a cause of addictions. As a natural benefic, however, the bright Moon gives a care in work that provides slow growth and improvement to the areas it influences.

    As a natural malefic, the dark Moon gives struggles with those things it influences with the result that the native does not feel like their needs have been met. Mars are the arms, strengthened from carrying the Pot.

    What my horoscope indicate? | Aquarius Ascendant

    Due to the 3rd house lordship, Mars becomes a temporal malefic as the will he indicates is usually one of selfish interest, one that resists authority, and wants to do what it thinks should be done. Mars is the rebellious nature of the Aquarius, which they are often known for. As a natural malefic, Mars may cause conflict with authorities and associates, while also creating conflict in the pursuit of their career and desires.

    Mercury, as the 5th and 8th lord, gives an original, ingenious mentality and creativity that is not afraid to think of the unusual or break social taboos.

    ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology
    ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology
    ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology
    ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology
    ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology Ascendant in aquarius vedic astrology

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