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The powerful story of materialization and physical touch is held in these Sabian symbols. Both of them have something to tell about the transition from the realm ruled by Neptune into the one that is presented by Mars and our first chakra.

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From a dreamland, we get our circumstance and from our faith, our destiny. This is a tale of awakening and people born on this date were chosen to be the ones to wake up and do something specific, real, and with a passion that guides them without boundaries. It is their touch with Nature that makes everything special and this should always be kept in mind. The main directive a person born on the 21st of March is guided by is balance.

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With Venus as the point they strive for, they are on a mission to find love, harmony, and the sensual satisfaction that will help them create what they truly need in life. Considering their planetary row, this isn't an easy task to resolve, but it is a truly empowering one. Healing the relationship between their parents, they will realize their own worth and find a way to balance out their personality standing by someone they love. The entire meaning of life is packed in love and emotions for those born on March 21st and while they might seem to be these innovative spirits filled with rational strivings, they are in fact on the search for inspiration and love.

Quick to jump to conclusions, they will be both the conquerors and those conquered, and won't have a clear image of the partner standing in front of them until they slow down to create true intimacy. The excitement of their own inner transition could guide them through repetitive bonds that reflect problems from their primal home.

It is imperative for them to separate the image of their partner from everyone else they got to know, so they can approach them with enough curiosity and openness to truly meet their individuality and their core.

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Strong bonds will be created only when they find their equal and someone to form true and deep intimacy with. To discover what each person born on March 21st excels in, we have to look into their family tree and search for our answers. Although their story is special and new, they are dependent on the foundation they get and have to clear up with ties to the past as their life progresses.

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They will be very good mediators in any job they take on, and have a talent for teamwork seeing all of its benefits. Of letting their energy be dispersed in too many directions.

They should strive for concentration of their life goals. They are a good speaker, able to spark interest and enthusiasm in their listeners.

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Their words describe everything very precisely and draw sharp lines, going straight to the point. Such characteristics can easily lead to misunderstandings with friends and the environment in private life — but they are very valuable and very effective in influencing the crowds.

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Their imagination is so lively that they often cannot tell the difference between reality and their ideas — so others might consider them unreliable and irresponsible. How to raise a child born on this day. They are characterized by an unusually lush imagination which should not be hindered — for it could have a negative effect on the subsequent development of the child and disorient their nervous system. It is best to give them pencil and paper — let them write, draw, anything they want.

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It is a good way for their mental expansion to vent. Your cardinal connection with fire gives your personality the ambitious, initiating qualities of a growing flame. As you embrace the burning passion that manifests within your being, you will be able to work toward your goals with fortitude and confidence.

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Being the planet of assertion, the influence of Mars can be witnessed in your assertiveness and vigor. More so than any of the other Aries Decans, you desire to be first at all cost. You are motivated by the prospect of success and, when paired with your leadership skills, you have the abilities to acquire it.

21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope
21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope
21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope
21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope
21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope
21 march horoscope 21 march horoscope

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