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Taurus Weekly Horoscope. The good news? When tough-love Saturn blasts the Sun with a dose of self-discipline, the rubber will meet the road.

Set some concrete goals and create a timeline to reach them one at a time, please. Start off slowly, but plan to take it to the next level by the end of the month. Aim for realistic adjustments that you can sustain. If you can, phase out alcohol, sugar and gluten products for a few weeks. Money Taurus man are highly materialistic and exploit every single step to secure their life financially. Taurus man are experts in buying good quality items at cheaper rate.

Fashion Taurus man will fill his wardrobe with pale blue and mauve colored casual shirts and silk ties.

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He loves to shop for shoes and clothing as per latest trend to please self. Relationships Taurus man will give his complete commitment till the time his partner gives the same. He will be highly self-conscious and slightly reserved, quiet and even subdued. Romance Taurus man is neither adventurous nor boring. He is a sensual and affectionate person but take lot of time before entering into relationship.

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He makes his partner to realize his likes. Health Taurus man love for good food and more prone towards extra weight. However most of them are aware of this and strongly exploit their willpower to maintain their fitness. Career Taurus man belongs to the category of stable and creative and hence may shine as antique dealer , architect, artist and musician. The Taurus man is also suitable for realtor , accountant, insurance agent, stock broker and banker.

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Are you looking for a raise in Career? Focus on streamlining your home life, decluttering your emotional cache and what you need to implement for emotional nutrition. Cancer, you tend to curl up in your comfy shell any chance you get, yet this new moon suggests you place your manifesting mojo squarely on social connections. Seek out conversation that nourishes your mind, and supports your unique contribution to a group, club or friendship circle. If someone is interesting enough to capture your attention, reach out and connect with them.

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to change our habitual thought process but this week kicks off some Mercurial mental agility for you. Life will be feeling busy with so much movement, so make sure you take time out to recalibrate and settle your inner feelings if you start to feel ungrounded or scattered.

Get in touch with your material girl as your finance zone is the fertile field for your seeds of intention. Before something becomes a reality, you need to visualize it and feel it. What possessions do you see in your name?

Write a list of up to ten items, and apply your creative flair by drawing up or finding images to make a vision board. Go with a unique approach and allow your ideas to flow freely without the what ifs. This is a stellar week for you, Virgo.

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As an earth sign you need to ground your magic-making, so back yourself with a detailed action plan. What steps can you take to get balls rolling?


Who do you need to contact or collab with in order to get the wheels rolling on your vision? Contact them, have that conversation.

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Tie up loose ends or close off projects as its time for your next phase. While Virgo is an efficient earth sign, this dreamlike area is anything but.

Taurus Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

Drop into the dark moon phase by preparing a sacred space. Ground in with some natural beauty like flowers, and perhaps make a small altar. This zone is literally about dreams, so put the detail into yours. A key to this new moon is drawing on the resources that others can bring to the table, that compliment your own. What unique yet practical contribution could a significant other, offer you?

When merging assets, can you connect radically yet preserve a space for independence?

taurus man horoscope this week Taurus man horoscope this week
taurus man horoscope this week Taurus man horoscope this week
taurus man horoscope this week Taurus man horoscope this week
taurus man horoscope this week Taurus man horoscope this week
taurus man horoscope this week Taurus man horoscope this week

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