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Saturn 19 years 9. Mercury 17 years There is much speculation about why they are in this order. I have heard many theories and I like them all. There is a strange harmony to this dasa order that seems to work. It is relevant to view the dasa system as a microcosm of the human life. The dasa system starts with Ketu, as it is the planet where we are closest to God, where the soul is not yet rooted in the body as we often observe in very young children. Ketu is the dasa where we become aware of all that we do not need.

Just as the infant only needs breath and minimal sustenance, beyond that he is more essence than substance. Venus is the dasa that feeds the fat baby. Hers is the longest dasa as on Earth as we come here to learn to care for each other, in a body first. So this body needs care and courtesy while it is learning. This is the most important time in our lives, when our mind and perceptions about the world are forming.

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Relative human age 1 -3 years Sun dasa shows the emergence of our individual identity, ready to shine from his light, no longer feeling the need to be supported by others. This necessary ego-centricity allows a healthy sense of self to emerge, a healthy ego is one where we feel positively empowered, not allowing others to run over our boundaries or us to over run theirs. Relative human age years Moon dasa is the need to connect this individual experience with others in a meaningful way.

It is no longer enough to just feel ourselves shine; we must learn to see ourselves as a reflection through the eyes and experiences of others and reflected back to us in society. We become sensitive like the awkward teenager in the Moon dasa. Relative human age 13 - 19 years Mars dasa is when we learn to compete with others in the world and learn to make allies instead of enemies out of our competitors; through courage and disciplined action we test our principles in a world of consequence through the gregarious and raucous energy of Mars.

Relative human age 20 - 27 years Rahu shows our worldly life and our material existence. With the exuberance of youth behind us we are in the world, enmeshed in Maya and accumulation. Marriage, Children, career, and all the trappings of adult worldly life and its ability to veil our higher intelligence is the soul in Rahu dasa.

It is a time when we feel our load has been lightened or at least we feel back in control of our mind. Jupiter comes to provide insight, maturity and life lessons, as he is also Guru, teacher, so we can share some of our wisdom with others. Relative human age Saturn dasa is when we will become aware of our limitations and learn to be practical about them. After the enthusiasm of Jupiter, Saturn will bring us back to Earth and make us face reality. Reality is not the optimism of Jupiter it is the cold hard facts of Saturn. Those facts are the death of our body and the temporal nature of all material life.

Saturn will give us the time to work through our karma in isolation. Relative human age 55 - 65 Mercury dasa is when we can become like a child again, playful and non-judgmental, but through knowledge and clear thinking, not through ignorance. After the practical heaviness of Saturn our mind is clear, open and capable of discrimination, jnana yoga. Relative human age 65 -? When these dasas change, major shifts in energy occur.

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This is why people seem to change overnight, the dasa are what change. To prepare us for these radical shifts the preceding bhukti period is always a preparatory time, whose energy is similar to the next dasa period. Observe :.

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Mercury Bhukti prepares the worldly mind for the approaching Venus dasa, as Mercury is the builder and the planet that wants to tangibly manifest a worldly life, he helps to bridge the otherworldly Ketu to worldly Venus. Ketu Bhukti prepares the mind for the purgative nature of the Sun dasa. After 20 years of accumulation in Venus dasa the last 14 months Ketu starts to take the things away we no longer need. Venus Bhukti prepares the mind for the Moon Maha dasa, as the Moon is where we will seek worldly connection and happiness through family and the public and the Sun dasa is where we may have been reclusive or interested in more soul and sole pursuits.

Sun Bhukti helps to prepare the mind for the upcoming Mars dasa, as the independent nature of the Sun is similar to that of Mars.

Mars is the time when we will find our worldly strength and courage; the Sun Bhukti begins that fiery transformation in the mind. Moon Bhukti prepares the material mind for the approaching Rahu dasa and his attachment to the world. The Moon is the archetype of the Soul's descent into form, Rahu is the subconscious attachment to materiality and its ability to eclipse the mind, the Moon thus the Moon is helpful here. Mars Bhukti prepares the inspired and gracious mind for Jupiter with his courage and discipline. The end of Rahu illusions is spent with the general of God's army clearing a path through courage, clarity and mental innocence so Jupiter will have the room to teach us his higher lessons.

Rahu Bhukti prepares the practical and realistic mind for Saturn by reattaching itself to stress and worldly concerns. Jupiterian optimism must give way to Saturn realism.

Rahu represents our worldly attachments and bring the stress of Saturn in a subconscious way. Jupiter Bhukti prepares the mind for the Mercury dasa through increased optimism and hope. This renewed optimism clears a path for Mercury through which he can use to develop our skills, experiment and play. Mercurial play is how we learn about the world.

Saturn Bhukti prepares for the approaching Ketu dasa by focusing and constricting the energy of Mercury. Much has been built and discovered in the 17 years of Mercury dasa, we must learn to focus in Ketu, Saturn teaches us to concentrate. Then it starts over again. Our Services. Home Astrology Dashas Periods. Dasa Periods and the Cycles of Unfolding Karma. Transition Periods Between Dasas. The Moon in the Dasa Scheme.

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The start of the first planetary dasa cycle is reckoned from placement of the Moon at birth. The Lord of the Nakshatra corresponding star in the Moon sign will determine the 1st dasa period. The percentage of the amount of distance traversed by the Moon through that Nakshatra is deducted from the balance of the mean dasa length to determine the first dasa length.

Thus the first dasa would be Venus for 16 years.

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The Vimshottari dasa is shown from the Moon because it is from the Moon that everything grows, first in our consciousness then later in the world. The Moon is the consciousness; it is the mind that has been with us for time immemorial. It is where our deep mental impressions called samsaras reside. When a planetary dasa runs, first we get the samsaras from that planet, based on our past karma with it, and then we act upon those samsaras, creating new karma.

If we have misused that planet's energy in past lives or this one, we get those difficult samsaras when the dasa runs, thus attracting the experiences we must in order to experience our mistakes and learn from them. If we have used that planet well, we get those samsaras also. It is important to note that assessing dasa periods in a general way can be dicey.

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There are as many possibilities with dasas as there are charts. Venus for instance is a first rate benefic, yet as a dusthana lord or debilitated, her periods can seem like hell. This is because of what is mentioned above. A debilitated planet will show the difficult karma associated with it. In that case the themes stated below will be the areas of loss and suffering experienced. As an example if Venus is harmed we will especially feel pain in relationships, wealth, happiness, etc, when her dasa runs, because those are the things she rules.

The planets have an innate quality and energy and when their period runs we will feel that energy for good or ill. When referring to these dasa periods we are also referring to their sub periods. Ketu - 7 years.

horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti
horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti Horoscope in tamil with dasa bhukti

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